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PharmAust Limited

PharmAust Limited (ASX:PAA) is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The principal activities of the company are to develop its own drug discovery intellectual property, namely three platforms for the treatment of different types of cancers in humans and animals, as well as providing highly specialised medicinal and synthetic chemistry services on a contract basis to clients. PharmAust has two key strategic alliances with major pharmaceutical companies and products already in phase II trials. These products target substantial multi-billion dollar markets. PharmAust specialises in the relaunch of existing marketed products for oncology applications making the whole development, regulatory and commercialisation process much faster.

Structural Monitoring Systems

Structural Monitoring Systems (ASX:SMN) is a structural integrity sensor system company engaged in commercialising its leading edge Comparative Vacuum Monitoring (“CVM™”) technology, to produce remote crack detection sensor and instrument products based on the patented CVM™ principle that will radically reduce the cost of maintenance and vehicle or plant down-time associated with performing safety critical structural integrity NDT inspections. Durable, simple to design and manufacture, easy to install and use, highly reliable and with a benchmark crack detection capability, CVM™ technology has application in a broad range of commercial, military and industrial market sectors, specifically in air, land and sea transportation systems, power-generation systems, and industrial processing plants.

Buxton Resources

Buxton Resources (ASX:BUX) goal is to create shareholder wealth through the discovery and development of world-class precious metal, base metal and iron deposits. The strategy is two-fold and runs in parallel, consisting of project evaluation and project acquisition. The Company has five projects in Western Australia which it believes have the capability of delivering world-class discoveries. The key drivers for success will be rapid assessment using cost-effective innovative exploration techniques with accelerated funding directed to those projects which meet key decision points and exceed internal technical hurdles. Buxton will also assess other mineral projects (and acquire where appropriate) those which have known mineralisation, strong technical merit and a real chance of delivering success.


Wide Open Agriculture is a regenerative agriculture and food company. Their aim is to empower Wheatbelt farmers to transition towards regenerative farming practises, which can deliver both the selection and variety, that local and export markets are demanding. The Company believe this transition will produce meaningful food that inspires communities and regenerates ecosystems. Wide Open Agriculture is in partnership with Commonland, a globally focussed landscape restoration organisation, aims to rehabilitate degraded landscapes and rejuvenate communities, through a replicable approach with 4 returns.


The Local Government Association

Local Government Association (LGA) of South Australia is a membership organisation which provides quality service and leadership relevant to the needs of member Councils. The LGA is recognised as the peak representative body for Local Government and prides itself on being the Voice of Local Government South Australia. The Association provides leadership to Councils and representation outwards to State and Federal governments and other key stakeholders. 


The OCA has responsibility for the management and local governance of the unincorporated areas of South Australia. The region encompasses 63% of the State of South Australia and is home to approximately 4,500 people who reside in a number of small townships and numerous smaller settlements including pastoral, farming and tourism enterprises


Pitney Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Pitney Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd is an Australian company, which is in the business of developing therapeutic cancer products. It has exclusive rights to three oncology technology platforms, which are being developed with an aim to improve the outcomes of patients with inoperable and often terminal cancers. Pitney is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of PharmAust Limited.


Epichem is an Australian company formed in 2003 to provide services in synthetic and medicinal chemistry to the drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries. With two state-of-the-art laboratories in Perth and Melbourne, Epichem serves an international clientele ranging from small operations to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Local Government Association of the Northern Territory

The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT) is recognised as the peak representative body for local government in the Northern Territory. It prides itself on being the ‘voice’ for its members on both the local and national platforms. The Association provides leadership and services to councils, as well as representation to the NT Government and other key stakeholders.

Universal Biosecurity

Universal Biosecurity’s patent fumigation technology is a non-toxic alternative to the agricultural industry’s reliance on fumigants, not only toxic to humans but highly hazardous to the environment. Instead of the conventional toxic fumigants, the company uses a fumigation apparatus called Fume8, that combines food grade ethyl formate with nitrogen in the air to protect grain, vegetables, fruit and other products but keep them safe for human consumption.

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